Remote Selling: 3 Ways to Use Video in Your Sales Process.

Bill Baraona, Founder/Videographer
15th May 2020

With many of the Coronavirus-related restrictions starting to lift, there are many people anticipating business to return to normal. However, even though the economy is starting back up, there are still people who may be hesitant to return to in-person meetings or crowded conference rooms. So how can your business make sales without your sales team having physical access to prospects? The answer is with the power of video and video marketing. Here are three ways your salespeople can start using video today to generate new leads while staying in touch with prospects and current customers.


Check out this video I just made you.


One way we’ve been using video to generate new leads is by recording and sending videos in emails. We use a free platform called Soapbox by Wistia. Soapbox allows us to record with our webcam while simultaneously recording our screen. Then, the platform makes it easy to edit the video to show footage of our screen, of us or both as we desire. Soapbox even lets us place a call to action at the end of the video and link to an external webpage. That means you could send your prospect to your website or the lead-capture page of your choice. This is a great tool to capture your salespeople talking as they go over a document, website, or other material on their screen.  

Once you’ve completed recording your video Soapbox gives you the option to choose a thumbnail from the video or take a photo for you. I recommend using an image of your prospect’s website so they know it’s been customized just for them. After you’ve chosen the thumbnail, just copy and paste the link with a thumbnail and add it to your email.  If you pay for the full version of Soapbox you can check your prospects on the backend and see how many times they’ve watched your video and for how long. This will help you determine if your prospect is interested and if you need to follow up.


PROTIP: buy a dedicated USB microphone or headset and a small LED light so you can increase your production value to make your videos look more professional.  


It’s time for the pitch.


Hopefully, your Soapbox video gets a response and you have a follow-up meeting. After you understand what your new prospect is looking for, now it’s time to pitch your proposal. If you can’t meet the decision-maker in person or in a Zoom meeting then you’re left with leaving your prospect to pitch to the decision-maker for you, or worse just email the proposal over to them. How do you convey the energy and excitement in your proposal delivery to the decision-maker? 

This is a second chance to record a Soapbox video. Make sure to address the decision-maker by name in your video and walk them through the proposal. Make sure to take time on the things that matter to them and not waste their time talking about your company. The reality is if you have made it this far they already know a lot about your company so start talking about your process, what they will get from you, and provide a price breakdown. Make sure to tell your prospect you recorded it for their boss so that you can help make the pitch smoother.


PROTIP: Make sure to address any questions that you may have been asked in your original pitch and provide as much value as you possibly can. Now is not the time to hold back.


We get that question a lot. Check out this video.


The third way you can use video to help simplify your sales process is by creating clips of your frequently asked questions (FAQ). You can do this with Soapbox to create custom answers for each prospect or you can create evergreen FAQ videos using Zoom. We recommend restating the question that you often get asked and then answering that question looking directly at the camera so that you are making eye contact with your viewer. Make sure to use the word “you” so that it appears as if you are taking to the viewer. This will make the evergreen videos feel more personalized for your clients.


PROTIP: After you’ve uploaded the FAQ videos to YouTube, also add them to the FAQ section of your website. This will better educate prospects that come to your site, allowing them to do their own research without having to ask a salesperson.


Test it and perfect it.


Give all three of these remote selling ideas a try and see how they can benefit your business. Makes sure to watch your videos after you’ve sent them as well and look for ways to constantly improve your process. The effects of COVID-19 aren’t going away anytime soon so you need to learn how to adapt to continue to thrive. Plus by sending personalized videos you have a greater opportunity to make more meaningful connections with your prospects and also have an opportunity to reach more people than you could before.


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