Why Video Isn’t Always So “One and Done”

Bill Baraona, Founder/Videographer
13th July 2018

When I meet with clients to discuss video projects, I often hear the same misconceptions. People think they need a single video that’s five minutes long without really knowing why. When I ask why, the usual response is, “I was told that I need a video for my website and social media, so I called you.”

If I was an unscrupulous entrepreneur, I would just go along with this, shooting a single video and charging them an exorbitant amount of money before moving on to the next person. However, Flex Media exists to create value, not just make money. Don’t get me wrong, I am trying to run a profitable business, but our mission is greater than our bottom line. We care and believe in other entrepreneurs’ dreams and business goals. We want to see our clients succeed, and that’s why we’re so intent on strategizing the most efficient and effective solution possible for each business or organization. 

So I thought I’d explain what I tell my customers when they say they just want to knock out a video because they were told they need one. 

Just like many people, I belong to a wholesale club to buy items I use regularly in bulk to save money. If you do that for your groceries and home goods, why shop any differently for your marketing materials? If you’re thinking you may ever want a second, or even third video in the future it’s more efficient and cost-effective for you and us to shoot them together. So selecting a video package upfront helps maximize your budget. Although we’re always happy when customers come back for more, it’s a smoother process and more pleasant experience to schedule a single time to meet, set up equipment once and shoot multiple videos in one session. You’ll experience a simple shooting process, save hundreds and come away with a bank of content ready to share!

This also aligns with a solid marketing strategy that breaks up your story into easily digestible pieces of content or targets different buyer personas. Introducing additional products, employees and emotions to your consumer in each video helps them feel connected and engaged with you.

While many customers are looking to produce one five-minute video because their budget is tight, it may make more sense to turn that into two or four short ones. Many people think videos need to be long, but super short videos are great for attracting short attention spans online or on social media. You can release multiple, short videos over the course of a few months, bringing your brand in front of your customer more often.

Nevertheless, we at Flex Media know your marketing needs are unique to you. We realize you may only need one video for a promotion that you are running, or just to put on your website’s home page to briefly describe to visitors what you do. I’d just like to encourage you to really think about what your long-term needs are and what solution works best for you, rather than doing something because you were told you should. Don’t feel like you have to know all the answers either; we at Flex Media are happy to help you talk it through!        

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