Using Video to Build a Brand in Real Estate Investing (Episode #15)

Watch Time Podcast
18th June 2020

In this episode of Watch Time, we interview Roman Soyko, real estate investor, and CEO of RS Professional Homes. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Roman and discuss how he uses video in his marketing strategy to sell more homes and connect with other sellers to find new deals.

Roman talked about how he has seen great success in using Instagram and Facebook to find and sell properties. Roman provides value by teaching his viewers how to flip and rehab houses in order to turn a profit. By not holding anything back and educating his viewers in his vides roman has seen great success in his video marketing efforts.

Roman’s advice to our listeners is to work hard and not to give up when you are starting a business. Often times you don’t start to see success until your fifth or sixth year in. He also said that it’s important to start making videos today and not get hung up on how you look or sound on camera. Start creating Instagram stories and going live that way you can see greater returns in the future.

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