3 Key Social Media Analytics For Growing Your Channel

Kathie Zipp, Writer/Producer
28th February 2019

You’re posting great content on social media frequently, and that’s fantastic! But don’t forget the equally important piece: checking your analytics. 

Analytics vary from social media platform to platform and can get pretty detailed, but here are some simple analytics to keep in mind across them all. 

1. Engagement: How many likes, shares and comments are you getting and on what content? The more engagement your posts have, the further your reach. Looking at what posts get the most engagement will also help you determine what type of content is working for you.

2. Audience demographics: Consider the age, gender, location and interests of your audience. Are you reaching the people you thought you would? Does it open up a new market for you? Do you have to adjust your content to reach a different audience? Knowing this information is also important for when you go to run ads.  

3. Post reach: The more people your posts are reaching, the more likely you are the have more engagement. 

Social media analytics can help you know what’s working and what’s not, and also prepare you for when you are ready to start creating and running ads by giving you an idea of who to target and the best content to use.

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